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Aquarium, 1999 by Yael Davids
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Run Away?
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look at this fucking weasel
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Photographing across India with @khannachandan

To see more scenes from Chandan Khanna’s journey across India, follow @khannachandan on Instagram.

“I enrolled in a Business Administration course in Delhi,” says Delhi-based Instagrammer Chandan Khanna (@khannachandan), “but could not finish it as my passion was always photography.”

Chandan instead became a photojournalist, traveling across his home country of India and sharing his journey on Instagram. “The uniqueness in inanimate objects differentiates one place from another,” he explains, “but the people remain the same, their hopes and despairs remain the same.”

Chandan credits technology for creating a new generation of Indian photographers. “We have plenty of gigabytes to fill in, now we can experiment more than the photographers could earlier,” he says. “We could research more, explore more, see whatever is happening in the world without even moving our head sometimes.”

Opaque  by  andbamnan